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NCRA Priorities and Key Initiatives

  • Enhance NC Multistate Research

    • Ensure the NC multistate portfolio aligns with regional priorities (climate, water, soil health, precision ag, antimicrobial resistance, UAS, CWD, etc.).

    • Conduct regular Administrative Advisor and NIMSS training.

    • Encourage strong interstate and regional collaborations, such as leveraging external funding, shared facilities, students, etc. 

    • Regularly communicate project expectations with NC reviewers.

    • Celebrate excellence through regional multistate project awards.

    • Highlight priority and hot topic multistate efforts regularly through social media and NCRA website.

  • Catalyze Growth and Quality in Partnerships 

    • Enhance relationships with USDA-NIFA staff through the LGU2U initiative.

    • Ongoing USDA-ARS/LGU discussions around shared facilities, staff, and policies.

    • Partner with NC Cooperative Extension Association (NCCEA) through regional programs such as annual new Administrative Boot Camps:, LGU2U, multistate projects, etc. 

    • Continue to build synergistic relationships with minority-serving institutions (1890s, Tribal Colleges/1994s, Hispanic Serving Institutions, NIFA Tribal Grant Panels, etc.)

    • Engage in cross-regional initiatives and projects with other regional associations

    • Engage with and build relationships with key groups such as APLU, Lewis Burke Associates Advocacy, AHS, CARET, regional centers, and beyond.

  • Enhance the NCRA

    • Engage in professional development and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training; offer additional group opportunities at regional meetings

    • Share state updates and best practices during monthly NCRA calls and in-person meetings.

    • Encourage DEI activities as a priority for all NCRA directors and stations

    • Celebrate leadership excellence through regional award

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