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Email Distribution Lists (List-serves)

To submit changes to any of the below lyris NIFA lists, send an e-mail message to address@lyris.nifa.usda.gov and identify the changes you wish to make. For all others, contact the appropriate regional office for help.


Subscribe to the NC listserves by going to the appropriate link below: 


North Central Experiment Station Directors = Send a subscribe email to christina.hamilton@wisc.edu 
North Central Administrative Heads = Send a subscribe email to christina.hamilton@wisc.edu 
North Central Academic Program Directors = http://lists.uwex.edu/mailman/listinfo/nc-apdirs1
North Central Cooperative Extension Directors = Contact Robin Shepard (robin.shepard@ces.uwex.edu)


All Experiment Station Directors  us-aesdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

Regional Groups:

Western w-aesdirs@lists.colostate.edu

Southern so-aesdirs@lists.ncsu.edu

North Central ncra_all1@lists.wisc.edu (please use the numeral 1 after "all")

North Eastern neradirs@listserv.uri.edu


All Cooperative Extension Directors us-cesdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

Regional Groups:

Western w-cesdirs@lists.colostate.edu

Southern so-cesdirs@lists.ncsu.edu

North Central Nccea-dirs@lists.uwex.edu



All Administrative Heads us-ahs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

Regional Groups:

Western w-ahs@lists.colostate.edu

Southern so-ahs@lists.ncsu.edu 

North Central nc_ahs@lists.wisc.edu

North Eastern TBA


All Academic Program Directors us-apdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

Regional Groups:

Western w-apdirs@lists.colostate.edu

Southern so-apdirs@lists.ncsu.edu

North Central nc-apdirs1@lists.uwex.edu (please use the numeral 1)

North Eastern TBA


Administrative Officers 

Regional Groups:

Western w-admin-officers@lists.colostate.edu

Southern sabo-l@lists.msstate.edu


North Eastern ne-management-officers@googlegroups.com


1890 Institutions  

1890 Research Directors 1890resdirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

1890 Deans 1890deans@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

1890 Extension Administrators 1890extadms@lyris.nifa.usda.gov


1994 Land Grant Institutions 1994pres@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

Hispanic Serving Institutions hsi@lyris.nifa.usda.gov

International Program Directors intldirs@lyris.nifa.usda.gov