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How to Join a Multistate Project in NIMSS: Completing an Appendix E Form

What is an Appendix E/Multistate Project Participation Form?

  • The Appendix E form indicates your desire to be a member of a multistate project in NIMSS.

  • The form is used to collect all the required information for joining a project, such as the project number, objectives you'll be working on, FTE, and KA codes.

  • New AppE forms need to be submitted with each 5-year project renewal.


Who Enters Appendix E Information into NIMSS?


  • Land-Grant University participants with Experiment Station or Extension (AES or EXT) Appointments: We recommend you first contact your AES/EXT Station Director's office before completing an Appendix E form in NIMSS. Many stations use this form to collect the required information. You may wish to fill it out and send it to your AES office and then they can submit it for you.

  • Non-AES/EXT participants (ARS, Industry, other universities, etc.): Please complete the AppE form as described below or contact your regional NIMSS system admin (


How to Enter Your Appendix E Information into NIMSS:


  • Go to the National Information Management Support System at and log in with your email address and password. If this is your first time logging into the new NIMSS, you MUST reset your password by selecting "Forgot Password". Then, log in with the new password and your email address. Your old username will NOT work.

  • Once you have signed into the system, choose Participants >> Draft/Edit Participant Info >> Draft New

  • Enter the project/proposal number and select the correct one from the list.

  • For a new/renewing proposal (not yet approved), be sure to use the correct "temp" designation for the proposal.

  • For active projects, enter the approved project number.

  • If you are the official station representative click on box (if not, leave blank)

  • Enter your percentages for Scientific Year, Professional Year, or Technical year as values < 1.0, where 1.0 = 100%.

    • SY: “Scientist Year” – FTE (entered as a decimal less than 1) for Assistant Professors, Assistant Scientist and above.

    • PY: “Professional Year” – FTE for persons who hold positions in professional categories and students who hold bachelor's or master's degrees.

    • TY: “Technical Year” – FTE for technicians, aids, and lab assistants.

    • If you don't know, please enter 0.1 in the SY field

  • Enter your KA, SOI, and FOS codes. If you do not know them, you can look them up by clicking the title/link above each box. You must put a value in each box (i.e., if you have a KA, you must also have a SOI and FOS value or NIMSS will give you an error message). You can also use this resource to look up codes before completing the NIMSS AppE.

  • If you have an Extension appointment, you should also enter your FTE (full-time equivalent, as a percentage < 1.0, where 1.0 = 100%) and KA codes.

  • Finish by selecting "Submit.” This sends the Appendix E to your Station Director for approval.


*If minor changes need to be made to participants already in the system (i.e. typos, email entries, etc…), please contact your regional NIMSS system administrator.

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